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Laugh your postpartum depression away with some mom centered humor. After all, with the challenges of motherhood you’d better be laughing so  you don’t end up crying. Am I right or am I right?

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“When I first became a mom I wanted to find a way to still pursue my dream of acting and making movies while being a good mom. I was told I should put my dreams on the back burner. At that moment something inside of me rebelled. For some reason I just believed I could find a way to do both. 


And I did.”

We live in amazing times when motherhood is being redefined and creatives can find ways to pursue their passion while raising their kids. With the help of technology you can choose to invest in your dreams today rather than waiting for retirement age. You can be a great mother while not feeling like you are “losing yourself” during the early years of child hood by maintaining your creativity and finding unique ways to share it.


Self-discovery doesn’t end at motherhood. In fact, it’s vital to you and your children’s well-being that it continues on even stronger.




You’re old enough to remember the days before text messages and loved playing outside every day after school. But you also remember growing up with technology in the home at a young age.


You want to define motherhood on your own terms by being there for your kids while resourcefully finding ways to use your skills to contribute to your family income.


You reject what it means to dress like a “mom” and want to define your own style and feel good about yourself while raising your kids


You resonate with brands that contribute to the bigger picture of humanity and encourage us to stay connected. We are all in this together after all!


You want to find ways to be creative and live intentional lives right now rather than wait  until retirement. #YOLO, right?


You secretly believe that you don’t have to choose career or motherhood. You want to have your Bon Bons and eat them too!


 Did you know that about 130 million babies are born every year? Now that’s a lot of diapers!


Did you also know that  about 30% of moms do not work outside the home? (Pew Center, 2012) Being a sahm/wahm  can be really hard. The lack of community, financial stress, and lack of appreciation-not to mention the sleep – can do a number on mothers!


About 50% of new mothers will experience depression postpartum. 10% – 20% of mothers experiencing baby blues will develop a more severe form of depression.


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Hi I’m Dija and I share tips, inspiration, and entertainment for moms who want it all! If you are an ambitious and creative stay at home mom or work at home mom who needs an internet BFF to pursue your passion while mothering with joy, I’m your girl! I have three kiddos of my own and have been married for 13 years. We’ve survived a lot of ups and downs over the years but we’re all the stronger for it. I’m right their in the trenches with you as I pursue my own passions of helping moms go after their dreams and going after my dream of being an actress and filmmaker. #igotchugirl

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